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I realize it has been weeks since I've written, but with Tessy's visit (yeah shoutout Tess, come visit and YOU'LL get one too.. You know who you are) and our constant movement in the last month, it has been impossible to get time to write let alone think.

So here it is, the all-encompassing Moroccan blog. As a precautionary warning, if you are one to take offense to vast sweeping generalizations of entire countries I recommend you stop here.

Instead of weighing you down with the multiple ridiculous events that we encountered (or endured, for a better term) I thought it better to just sum up our idea of morocco. I promise they aren't all negative, I just think morocco is a country worth seeing with some serious foreknowledge. You'll think me later if you're planning a trip there, really.

1. If you go to Morocco, You will be lied to (and not your typical travel lies, but rather those that are the psychologically disturbing type, you know the ones.. Where you'd rather have had someone just pick pocket you instead of try to play you for a fool, yeah, those ones.
2. If you go to morocco, you will get cheated (this includes having money swindled, alcohol watered down, exorbitant bribes requested, etc. etc.)
3. you will get lost (ancient cities are not to be messed with, and don't you dare look lost or pull out that map because there is someone lurking at every turn to grab your hand and direct you for a price that will only be rattily disclosed at the end of your "tour").
4. Children dressed as nicely as those in Canada will request money from you and throw rocks when you decline.
5. When you get something done on the street, such as henna, and you dont have the exact dollar amount, no change will be offered to you (as if you are somehow an idiot who has forgotten how much you gave seconds before). Moreover, days later when the lady sees you on the street, she will stand next to you for much time rambling about feeding her children and needing more money while you ignore her.
 Just like the last time you got a haircut in Toronto, paid for it,and then happened to run into your hairdresser days later who began by saying "you know man, times are really tough and I've been thinking about what I charged you.."
6. It will take 6 people to complete a business transaction of any sort, 5 middle men waiting for their 50 cent cut, and then 1 actually necessary proprietary individual. 
And finally,
7. The Sahara Desert is worth putting up with all of this for.

Take my notes in stride as I am most obviously bitter but only because I struggle to understand why being a "tourist" - a word I despise- demeans you from being treated like a human.  Side note that Marrakesh also provided a more positive experience, tea will always be provided when being swindled and everyone should still visit once (and with a return rate of 1% it is likely that's all you will).

In much happier times we are in India loving life, as expected. There are interesting people and multiple types of Aladdin pants with every step you take. Looking for input as we plan the next month or so in the north (west to east, and north north). And finally, if you furthermore have any input on our current dilemma of swapping Tibet for Myanmar (it always be Burma to me), please also get in touch. 


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