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As the title suggests, as much as I'd like to just detail our worldly whereabouts for friends and fam, I can't honestly pass up the chance of a captive audience to rant and rave about ridiculous sightings in other countries. Or at least a commentary on why ours is boring- how come a walking tour of Toronto doesn't include a stop in a park famous for (blah blah blah..) I don't even know because I was busy taking pics of the hundreds (k, maybe 30 but still) of couples making out (see original photo, love that 35x optical zoom). Moreover, within the same hour, an explanation on how, despite the fact that Chilean coffee blows, when served by hot half naked ladies (see title for actual name of this practice), it's totally worthwhile. Add in the happy minute twist when the places shut down for some table stripping and what you've got is culture apparently waaayyy more open with their sexual prowess. Unless, perhaps, I'm missing something by not drinking coffee in Canada, that is.
In other news, we are both happy and safe a few hours from Santiago in a city called Valparaiso on the pacific coast. In true Elyse and Stal fashion we managed to make it here with everything we need for the next 7 months with only the exception of the majority of MY music (better or worse than having your best lighter on a canoe trip be a bic purchased off a bum in front of Social 8 months prior?). In a devastating detail overlooked, only the first letters of the alphabet made it on to the pod (thank gaaaad for above and beyond). That, and Gareth's top tracks of 2011, so at least I know I'll be the last person still thinking Levels is cool (hopefully). Despite the lack of depth in my current trip soundtrack, I (ugh, I guess we're a WE now) am excited for our next stop, Pucon, in the south of Chile. Time to get the hell out of big cities and into volcano climbs and white water rafting (dream, obvs. Sorrryyy mom).


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