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Punta Del Weirdo

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So obviously I've been slacking on blogging, but anyone who's ever shared quarters with me knows I'm the queen of procrastination. The blog has become a kin to unpacking, and since my boxes from undergrad are still in my basement, you can only imagine how difficult it is for me to keep up with this. Although I have quite missed having the opportunity to talk about the thing I love most, well, namely, myself. Ugh.. I mean..traveling.

But seriously, it's been hard to keep up given some of the amazing places we've been. Just when I thought Mendoza had blown me away, along came Buenos Aires. As I referred to in my last post, I fell in love with this city like no other (well, not exactly no other- only to be rivaled by tel aviv and moshi, where I left my African heart). Between our biking of the city, shopping, celebrating Stally Wags 30th (happy birthday Stally wag) and dabbling a bit in some of their cheeseball electronic scene (think rihanna and Calvin Harris to the power of ten) I think we both just generally felt both happy and at home in BA.  Not much else to put in words really.

Beyond that, we adventured in Uruguay, Argentina's less known, much less frequented neighbor. This was a treat for us coming from the Milhouse hostel where we hadn't heard a word of Spanish spoken in days. As much as I'd love to bore you with every detail, I think it's best to pick the most ridiculous place, of course, though I'm not sure words will do it justice.

The place is called Punta Del Diablo and if you want to fall out of touch with reality, this is the place to go. Or, perhaps if you've ever felt like you couldn't maintain face in society, this might be the town for you. Between the surfer hippy inhabitants, the unorganized lay of the land (I'm talking houses wherever you feel, no street names, etc), and the sand roads, you could feel like you're at a permanent music festival. It's cultish vibe will suck you in so quickly you'll be drinking matte (an earth like tea requiring both the carrying of a special cup, straw and thermos) on the beach before you know it (and believe me, this drink has no place on a beach by any other countries standards). An example of a semi typical inhabitant is pictured below when Stal and I had the pleasure of jamming with the town drunk. Not only did he weigh 80 lbs (take note ladies- alcohol may have lots of calories but if it's the only thing you consume you can be as skinny and old looking as this dude), but he proceeded to throw up next to his chair multiple times during our "chill". I should probably note that he was hanging out with a somewhat younger surfer crowd selling fish, which is how we ended up with our precious invitation into this experience. 

There are about a million other hilarious experiences I'd love to mention but this is probably getting long for most, so here's a few highlights: hanging with a group of 20 Indian travellers who were dropped in Montevideo with no spanish to do software engineering consulting (yes, even Uruguay is outsourcing to India) and hearing the hilarity of such a large group of quite obvious outsiders attempting to fit in and diving in florianopolis brazil where I quickly learned whatI had in Thailand was a dream (with its 15 m visibility, warm waters and most importantly not massively huge fins that require extreme vigilance to keep on your feet).

Tomorrow we head off to Iguazu, where I will hopefully be better at maintaining my promise to blog and won't have to write endless posts which by now most of you have stopped reading.


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Great to hear that everything is amazing,,,love the pic you guys look great!! Happy 30th Stally you old fart!! Miss you guys xo

by Nicole

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